Religious liberty is a hot topic in many parts of the United States, specifically around the issue of marriage between two people of the same gender. Some people of faith have argued that they should be exempted from non-discrimination laws based on their disagreement, on religious grounds, with such unions. Other people of faith have argued that bans on same-sex marriage violated their religious responsibilities to treat all couples the same.

Religious liberty has a long and complex history in the United States. This website offers resources to better understand that history and how it has shaped our current debates, as well as ways to explore your feelings and beliefs about the issue. The authors are all people of faith seeking to dialogue with other believers.

We strong support the idea of religious liberty as one which allows all of us to believe and practice as we feel is right. However, we do not believe in using religion as a reason to discriminate against others or limit their freedoms. In a pluralistic society, we must strive for the freedoms of all people, including those we disagree with. We cannot impose our beliefs on others but instead work for communities in which all people are treated equally and fairly.